Bringing someone back from the dead spell?

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Hiya everyone,
I know this might seem pointless and silly posting this but i wondred if there was such a spell as to bring someone back from the dead who hasnt died long ago.
I know it might be black magic and hard to do but i was just wondering if there was such one. :)

 I am not sure about spells as such, but there are certainly plenty of rituals that claim to resurrect the dead, the famous of course being that in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and Voudoo zombification (good word, must remember that for future use). 

Classical mythology has several references to heroes entering the realms of the dead to retrieve loved ones although how those rescued managed without their corporeal bodies is glossed over like an episode from a bad American soap, but on the whole Pagan beliefs generally consider it to be extremely unlucky to have the dead hanging around and much of their funeral rites involved ensuing that Uncle Ethelred buggered off the realm of the dead rather then hanging around to settle old scores.

Modern New Age Paganism seems to neatly side step the whole death thing by having rather vague ideas of reincarnation or something called Summerlands that seems almost too like the Christian Heaven for comfort, certainly I am sure that anyone entering any sort of Heaven, Summerland or Valhalla would not take too kindly to being brought back to life

Some of the grimoires have rituals for conjuring the spirits of the recently deceased, but none for restoring them to life.

Amberlady mentioned zombies, which would require a talk with Ghede or Baron Samedi. Even if you discount the possibility that zombies are victims of being drugged into a state of slavery while still alive, and that is a reanimation of the dead, it's not the same as resurrecting the deceased back to life as an incarnate, free-willed individual.

I would dispute that the Per-m-Hru (aka Egyptian Book of the Dead) contains any formula for restoring the deceased to physical life - it is intended to bring them safely through the ordeals of the afterlife to a safe and prosperous state in Amenti. Similarly the Bardo Thoedol (the equally misnamed Tibetan Book of the Dead) is intended to move the recently dead through any clinging to the illusion of their former existence, and either safely into the next precious human incarnation, or into an afterlife where they can aspire to enlightenment free of the demands of physical existence.

The Summerlands term was copped from the Spritualism fads of the late 19-early 20th centuries, along with the "spirit guide" thing and the overall notion of necromany for fun and profit.

agree that once in the summerlands its to nice to come back :biggrin:

Another thing to do over Jim Morrison's grave?!!  :lol:


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